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Sunday Morning LoLz Contest FAQ

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posted this on Jan 24 13:41


After many inspired laughs in 2013, we are happy to announce the continuation of Sunday Morning LoLz in 2014!

Got a disposition for drawing and a sharp wit? Join us in showcasing the comic cleverness and artistic acumen of the League of Legends community! The are also sacks of RP and swag waiting to be won by the wittiest and the prettiest of submissions. Break out the pencils, paintbrushes, crayons, markers, pastels or their hex-tech equivalents; it’s time to share your comic LoLz. 






Be LoL-inspired

In addition to making us laugh loud enough to disturb neighbors, your comic must have a clear League of Legends theme.


Use the template

Nonconformity is the essence of art, but this time we’re going to insist that your comic is created using our template file and submitted as a JPG (or JPEG). Choose from the horizontal (JPG format or the PSD format) or vertical (JPG format or the PSD format) template. You can see an example here.


Mention a Trinket

In the 2014 season, everybody’s got new vision (or anti-vision) toys to tinker with. It doesn’t have to be the center of attention, but you have to draw, paint or mention at least one of the new trinkets in your tale.


Don’t cheat 

This contests are about creativity, so copying outdated online comics won’t win you points. Submit your original work, created in the contest timeframe, or face the wrath of our anti-fraud ninjas.


Keep it clean 

We all enjoy a dirty joke now and then, but keep in mind that your submission needs to be age-appropriate for the youngest players (ages 12-13).


Submission size

Please make sure that your submission does not go over 10 MB.


Be colorful

Like Lux and Taric, we’re drawn to bright colors, so feel free to make your comic truly, truly outrageous.


Use English if you can

We want to emphasize that while reviewers for the contest will primarily be English-language readers, the contest is open to all eligible players! There are tons of ways to get a laugh that don’t need words at all (but if you decided to include words, English is preferred), so if you do not feel comfortable with the English language do not let this deter you from entering the contest.


Sign your work 

We’re including a nifty blank space for you to sign with your Summoner Name and we would really appreciate it if you would use it, as unsigned submissions won't count! 


No Photos or Screenshots

We love cosplay, and awesome stories in photo form can be some of the best around, but for this contest, any photographic or screenshot based submissions would be disqualified.


Submission and end dates

The contest starts on January 25th and runs through February 15th at 11:59 PM Pacific Time. Judging for the contest will begin on February 17th and end on February 24 at 11:59 PM Pacific Time. We cannot accept late entries for this contest for any reason so please do not wait until the last minute to submit it.


Legal stuff

Like any contest, this comes with the usual official rules and legal small print, so be sure to do your due diligence and check them out before you get started!




Each Prize category has 5 places that will be filled by the community vote. For the Grand Prize, 2 entries will be selected by us and 3 by the community.


Grand Prize

Wacom Intuos Pro Pen & Touch Medium

30,000 RP


Runner Up

Wacom Intuos Manga Pen & Touch Small

25,000 RP


Honorable Mention

20,000 RP




Will I get a confirmation email?

Our submission page does not send out confirmation emails but it will show you a thank you/got it submission page upon completing the submission process.


How do I report cheaters?

Let us know.


Will my entry get on Facebook?

Some of the entries might end up on the League of Legends Facebook and they don't even have to qualify for a prize!


When will the winners be announced?

Winners will be announced 24 hours after the judging is over.


Can I edit my submission?

No, but multiple submissions are allowed. Just send us the new one!


Are multiple submissions allowed?

Yes. There is no limit on the number submissions you can have.


Can I work with someone else?

For this contest we cannot accept collaborative work or commissions.


Can I hand draw/paint/watercolor the comic?

Yes! However, make sure you scan the image, make sure it lines up correctly, and submit the file as a JPG with the correct pixel height and width for the template you used.



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