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Internet Connection Troubleshooting

posted this on August 09, 2010 20:30

Some system settings can cause various connectivity issues to These issues can range in severity from excessive latency to a complete inability to connect to

Common Connection Problems and Solutions:

Resetting your modem or router

Resetting your modem can resolve a variety of networking issues. Every modem model has it's own process for performing a reset. It's best to consult your modems manual to make sure you're using the proper method. If you can't find your manual, you may want to contact your internet provider about resetting your modem, or try to find a guide online. Setting up DMZ on your router may help the situation, but please try connecting using your router's default settings as well.

Common programs that can lower League of Legends performance

There are a number of programs that can cause poor frame rate or latency if left open while running League of Legends. Closing these programs may improve your game's performance. These programs include:

  • Anti-virus scanners
  • Webpage browsers
  • Streaming audio and video

Some common examples of these programs: McAfee Anti-Virus scanner, Mozilla Firefox web browser, and Pandora streaming audio.

Connecting to League of Legends using a shared or restricted network

Playing League of Legends from a shared or restricted network, like a college campus, may limit your bandwidth, preventing you from accessing or playing the game. Prioritizing the League of Legends IP addresses may improve your connection to our servers.

Network diagnostic

If none of the advice on this page seems to be helping, you may want to run the following network diagnostic:

The results of the diagnostic give detailed explanations of possible connection issues. They may provide you with the information you need to track down the problem.

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