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Server Status: Unavailable

posted this on August 09, 2010 16:54

On the League of Legends Patcher, the server status is sometimes displayed as, "Unavailable." This message may appear for a variety of reasons:

  • We’re currently in a period of server downtime.
  • Your Internet is having issues connecting to our servers.
  • Your Internet Explorer settings (a dependency of the Patcher) need to be tweaked.


Verify that our servers are not down. Please check the server status page to ensure this issue is not caused by server maintenance of some kind.  If the servers are listed as Online, you can move onto the next troubleshooting step.


Edit your Windows Settings. If you see the server status as "Unavailable" even though you know the servers are online, and your internet connection is working correctly, please try the common solutions on the Windows settings troubleshooting page.


Optimize your connection to our servers. Many network issues can occur when attempting to patch, even on usually stable connections.  Take a quick look at our tips for ensuring a smooth connection to our servers: Connection Troubleshooting

If you continue to experience problems

Please feel free to contact our support department. They will be able to assist you further. In order to get the quickest and most accurate support please provide the following information in your ticket:

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