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Mac Software Update

posted this on February 25, 2013 15:07


Many issues that may arise on the Mac, can typically be resolved by ensuring that you have all available updates for OS X.

How to Update

Updating Software in 10.8 (Mountain Lion):

1. From the Apple menu, click "Software Update".
2. The App Store will open and display any software updates available for OS X and Mac App Store apps. OS X updates will be at the top of the list.
3. Click "Update All" to install all available software updates. If prompted, enter an admin name and password then Apple ID and password.
4. If required, restart your system.

Updating Software in 10.7 (Lion) and below:

1. From the Apple menu, click "Software Update".
2. Software Update will check for available updates. In the Software Update window, select the items you want to install and then click "Install". It is typically recommended that all available updates be installed.
3. When prompted, enter an administrator account name and password.
4. If required, restart your system.

Software Update VS Software Upgrade

Software Upgrade:

This refers to a major, standalone version of a software product. These upgrades are the next OS upgrade available, and typically incur a cost. These upgrades are sometimes also called "reference releases".

For instance, going from 10.7 (Lion) to 10.8 (Mountain Lion) is an example of a software upgrade

Software Update:

This refers to the the updates made to the major (reference release) version of software, but does not upgrade it to the next major version (if one exists). Software updates are made available via download from the Software Update application in OS X or the Mac App Store in Mountain Lion. Updates typically provide fixes that enhance the stability, compatibility, and security of your Mac.

For instance, updating from 10.7.2 to 10.7.4 is an example of a software update for version 10.7.

Key differences:

  •  A software update is usually downloadable free of charge; a software upgrade usually is not.
  •  A software upgrade usually increments the first "dot" number of a product (for example OS X Lion 10.7, Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6); a downloadable software update usually increments second "dot" number (for example, Mac OS X 10.7.2, Mac OS X 10.7.4).
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