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Firewall Configuration for League of Legends

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posted this on July 01, 2013 15:40



This article discusses the symptoms and causes. Please see our Firewall FAQ linked below for a list of solutions.

Firewalls can cause a variety of problems with both the patcher and the game client for League of Legends. They are also the cause of the error message "Cannot connect due to firewall.” This article discusses the symptoms, causes and a few possible solutions to problems that may be caused by firewalls.

Symptoms of a firewall blocking League of Legends:

  • You receive errors while patching:
    • Stuck at a specific % (such as 33%)
    • Unspecified Error
    • Launcher not starting login screen
    • Error: 0xc1e90005
  • You experience a Maestro Error: These are almost exclusively firewall problems.
  • You receive the error message: "Unable to connect due to firewall" after champion select.
  • You receive the message "Session Closed" after the Victory/Defeat Screen.

If that sounds like the issue you are experiencing, please have a look at our Firewall FAQ.

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