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Windows Settings Troubleshooting

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posted this on June 28, 2013 17:16


A variety of problems with League of Legends can be resolved by changing your Windows internet security settings. League of Legends (specifically the launcher and draws some of its settings directly from Windows Internet Options. Because Internet Explorer also draws its settings directly from Windows, any issue that interferes with Internet Explorer could be causing problems with League of Legends. You can use Internet Explorer to diagnose possible complications with Windows settings that could be causing problems with League of Legends.

Note: If your operating system or network connection requires its own specific settings for Internet Explorer to work, you may want to contact your system administrator before making significant changes.

There are a number of solutions that we can suggest to fix this issue, starting with the ones most likely to work:

Change the Internet Security settings (Windows)

Reset the Windows Internet Options

Check Internet Explorer mode

Reinstall Internet Explorer 9

Install Windows Updates

Get "Fix it" from Microsoft Support


Lower Windows Internet Security to Medium-High

  • Open the Start Menu
  • Open Control Panel
  • Open Internet Options
  • Select the Security tab
  • Lower the security level to Medium-High or Medium
  • Click Apply


Resetting Windows Internet Options

Resetting your internet options in Windows is the most common way to resolve a variety of problems with the launcher and Images not displaying correctly, pages not loading, and log in failures are some of the common problems that may be resolved by resetting. If you do not wish to completely reset Internet Explorer, you may be able to find and disable/enable the specific problem-causing setting once in the Advanced menu.  The steps below should help to navigate to this menu:

  • Open the Start Menu
  • Open Control Panel
  • Open Internet Options
  • Select the Advanced tab
  • Click the 'Reset...' button and confirm the action
  • Click Ok


 Verify Internet Explorer is not in Offline Mode

  • Close all League of Legends applications
  • Open Internet Explorer from your desktop or Start Menu
  • Open the File menu
  • Verify that the option "Work Offline" does not have a check next to it



Reinstalling Internet Explorer 9

If your version of Internet Explorer is completely non-functional, you may want to consider updating to, or reinstalling, Internet Explorer 9 from Microsoft.

Internet Explorer Worldwide Download Site



Installing Windows Updates

The latest Windows updates are often required to League of Legends effectively. Ideally, Windows Automatic Updates should be enabled:

  • Close all League of Legends programs
  • Open the Start Menu
  • Open Control Panel
  • Open Automatic Updates
  • Select a method of updating that is appropriate for you. The easiest method is to automatically download and install the updates.

If automatic updates cannot be enabled, you can visit for manual updates (this site must be opened using Internet Explorer). The most important updates are .NET framework upgrades and the latest Windows service pack for your operating system.


Microsoft Support

Microsoft has a "fix it" file that can be used to automatically resolve problems resulting from complications with Internet Explorer and Windows registry. The file is used to resolve webpage loading problems on the launcher and in the store. The file is not specific to any version of Windows, and cannot harm your computer. It can be downloaded from

Microsoft has an entire site of fixit files that might be worth looking into as well:

After following the steps on this page, if Internet Explorer is still not working, you may want to contact Microsoft support for additional help.

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