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Reward (IP/XP) System Breakdown

posted this on August 16, 2011 17:33


TOC_Reward_IPXP_System_Breakdown.jpg •   RP, IP, and XP
•   Normal PVP and Ranked Games
•   Custom Games
•   Co-op vs. AI Games
•   First Win of the Day
•   Boosts


Please note:  The minimum time any games need to last to be eligible for IP/XP rewards is 7 minutes.

What is the difference between RP, IP, and XP?

  • RP (Riot Points) can only be received by purchasing these points in the League of Legend stores. You may use RP to purchase most things in the store except for runes.
  • IP (Influence Points) can only be received by playing games in League of Legends. IP can be used to purchase most things in the store except for champion skins, ward skins, and summoner icons. 
  • XP (Experience Points) is the experience points you earn while leveling in League of Legends. These points cause you to level, and you will earn them until you reach the level cap of 30.

Normal PvP and Ranked PvP Games

The points system in League of Legends rewards Summoners based on the time spent played in a game. On average, a 37 minute win will earn approximately 100 IP, and a 37 minute loss will earn approximately 68 IP.

Summoners just beginning their career on the Fields of Justice receive some extra IP and XP per game, but this fades as a summoner levels.


Custom Games

• A minimum number of human players must participate in a custom game to receive IP/XP rewards. The current thresholds are:

-  5 players minimum for Summoner’s Rift, Crystal Scar, and Howling Abyss

-  3 players minimum for Twisted Treeline

You will receive a notification at the end of game results screen if you did not receive IP/XP.

• Summoners above level 11 are limited to six custom game rewards per day. After six games, Summoners will not be rewarded with XP or IP.

• Summoners level 14 and below earn IP and XP at 100% of the normal rate. Summoners level 15 and above earn rewards more slowly, at about 75% of the normal rate.

• Summoners level 15 and higher only earn rewards from the first 120 minutes of Custom game play; no points will be awarded after two hours of Custom games.


Co-op vs. AI Games

• Summoners gain a percentage of base XP/IP gain based on their level in Co-op Vs. AI games:

 - Level 1-9: Beginner and Intermediate bots offer 100% XP/IP.

- Level 10-19: Beginner bots grant 85%, Intermediate bots grant 100% XP/IP.

- Level 20-29: Beginner bots grant 70%, Intermediate bots grant 90% XP/IP.

- Level 30: Beginner bots grant 65%, Intermediate bots grant 80% XP/IP.

• Summoners can earn unlimited rewards per day, but earn rewards at 75% of the normal rate after 180 minutes each day.

• Exceedingly short games (for example, an 8-minute Summoner's Rift game) of Co-op Vs. AI will result in a further penalty to XP/IP gains. This penalty is steeper the shorter the game is.

For more detailed information on Co-op vs AI, please see our FAQ here.


First Win of the Day Bonus

There is a 'First Win of the Day' bonus which adds 150 IP to your reward. This bonus is set to a 22 hour cycle/ reset as opposed to a calendar day. Every win you get every 22 hours or so, you will get 150 IP added to your IP reward. 

Keep in mind that you are able to earn the First Win of the Day bonus only in game modes with a matchmaking queue. This means that you cannot earn it in Custom games.



Boosts are available for purchase with RP in the store. There are two different types of boosts available in League of Legends --- ‘Days’ and ‘Per Win’ boosts.

  • ‘Days’ based boosts double the base IP earned from a game. For example if you earned 100 IP, a day boost would add an additional 100 IP boost to your account for a total of 200 IP.   
  • ‘Per Win’ boosts add a flat amount of around 100 IP per game. The time played in a game does not affect this boost’s reward.
  • Please note that boosts will still apply to any game mode played. For example, if you play a Custom game but receive no reward (0 IP) since you reached the limit, then your boost will still be used regardless.
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