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Resetting Internet Explorer Settings to Default

posted this on June 18, 2011 18:21

Internet Explorer is a dependency of League of Legends. Many facets of League of Legends, including the store and login screen, are affected by your Internet Explorer settings. This is true even if you have a different default browser. For this reason, many common errors with the PVP.Net portion of League of Legends can be resolved by restoring your Internet Explorer settings to default.


Resetting Internet Explorer Settings to Default

Issues this fixes

  • Store loads completely black
  • Store reads "Session Expired"
  • Store gives an error when attempting to purchase RP

How to reset Internet Explorer Settings to Default

This is a pictorial guide featuring Internet Explorer 9. If you do not have Internet Explorer 9 you can update to the latest version from Microsoft here:

1) Open Internet Explorer

2) Click on the settings icon and select Internet options


3) Go to the advanced tab and click on the reset button


4) Select "Delete personal settings" 

5) Click the reset button to confirm the reset.


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